Khavinson & Associates handles both residential and commercial real estate transactions in Brooklyn and the surrounding New York area.

Buying or selling a home, rental property, or commercial building can be difficult and legally complicated, especially in a city like New York. Ask any real estate lawyer in Brooklyn or Manhattan, and they will tell you that although it is not a legal requirement to have an attorney present at a real estate transaction, legal representation is crucial for the buyer and seller to fully understand the legalities of the transaction. If you are buying or selling a home, rental property, or commercial building in New York you need to protect yourself with experienced legal guidance. Khavinson & Associates has extensive real estate experience, and if you contact us early we can provide legal advice and support from the negotiation stage all the way through contracts and closing.

Khavinson & Associates will help you:

Buy or Sell a home

Buy or Sell a multiple dwelling

Buy or Sell a commercial property

Buy or Sell an investment property

Buy or Sell Condos, Co-ops, and other building types.

If you are buying or selling any type of residential or commercial property, call Khavinson & Associates today for your free real estate consultation